4 Ways To Reduce Your Daycare Expenses


Looking for a dependable daycare for your kids isn't easy.  You'll most likely be looking for a place that provides quality care, education, and entertainment for your child, while also being affordable.  Following are a few tips to reduce those daycare expenses so that you can still get what you're looking for in a daycare.

Ask About Multiple Child Discounts

Are you looking to have multiple kids in daycare at the same time?  If so, all the rates you are looking at online may be for a single child.  It is common for daycare centers to offer a reduced rate for multiple kids in daycare at the same time, but these rates aren't often advertised  Always ask how much you can save by enrolling multiple kids, and you may be surprised at the response.

Look Into Subsidies Through Your County

Families with low incomes can potentially qualify for a public assistance program that will help pay for a portion of their daycare costs.  Reach out to your county's department of human services to find out what assistance programs they offer.  

Requirements often involve using a certified daycare program to receive these subsidies, so you will not be able to use them for a home daycare where you are paying the care provider in cash.  Also, income requirements could be based on what you and your spouse make as a combined income.  This makes it much easier for single parents to qualify for the subsidies and in turn makes it more practical for you to return to work and earn income for your family.

Consider a Full-time Daycare Schedule

Many daycares will have options to sign up for  a full-time or part-time schedule.  You may think you are saving money with a part-time schedule, but it could actually be costing you more money in the end. Many daycares will reduce the rate the more days that your children are enrolled. This means that the cost per each day they are enrolled goes down, allowing you to work a full-time schedule and bring home more income. 

Unfortunately, this may not be an option if you do not work a typical schedule during the week.  Look at the cost per day for part time and full time, and make a decision based on which schedule works best for you.

Potty Train Your Kids ASAP

Many daycares have different rates based on whether your children are potty trained or not. Not only is this a motivating factor to get them potty trained early, but you'll save on diapers and wipes that you are no longer using every day.

For more information on rates and services, contact a daycare provider like Purple Jay Nurseries today.


13 December 2017

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